Transition to the University

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update on partnership with the University:

This is our last week in Cochabamba. In addition to organizing the remaining classes and the final exams, we are meeting with each of our partners to ensure that this collaboration is sustained.

As previously mentioned, we are preparing for this course to transition into the medical school of Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS). Yesterday Dr. Ciro Zabala, medical director of the Gastroentological Hospital of Cochabamba and UMSS professor of medicine, provided a guest lecture in our course. He delivered a clear message that our course must become a university program — that the university values the training, endorses the curriculum, and is seeking instructors to teach the next iteration in August. We intend for the best graduates of our current class to be many of the next course’s instructors.

Tomorrow A Tu Lado will meet with Dr. Zabala to discuss logistics for transferring the course to their domain.