Staff Updates

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Tu Lado got its start from young people with new ideas. We find it advantageous to integrate new perspectives into our positions, and so, as we enter the new year, we have made a few changes to our organizational structure.

Ethan Forsgren, founding Director of A Tu Lado, aims to strengthen A Tu Lado’s research programs in his new role as Research Director.

Former Associate Director Terence Steinberg has moved into the newly formed position of Executive Director to build strategic partnerships with organizations in the Twin Cities and abroad. One of his primary objectives in the coming months is to improve A Tu Lado’s sustainable development.

Emily Berger, formerly Academic Coordinator and now Academic Director, is responsible for growing our courses and curricula.

Will Chilton and his creative think tank, Astro LTD, continue to support our website and publications, and Seth Forsgren continues to provide technical guidance for our projects.

We would like to give special thanks to our other volunteers: Margo Faulk, for her instrumental role in research and record systems; Jenna Mellor, for her initiative in creating psychological first aid classes for our partners at SAR and UMSS; Luis Daniel Parada, for his work as ambassador in Bolivia, and Will Heegaard, for his commitment to development and public outreach. To everyone who has been a part of A Tu Lado, we thank you and look forward to continuing our work together.