Scenarios and Servers

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Universidad Simon Bolivar Los Bomberos

For the past few days we’ve been putting our practice scenarios into action and refining them with Dr. Hugo before the course starts. We have also sorted and arranged the equipment we brought from the US and stocked several paramedic bags. Now, having combined our donations with the equipment Mano a Mano could provide, students in our course will use complete bags in the scenarios and thereafter, the service.

We also brought a computer down with the intention of running an Open MRS┬áserver out of Mano a Mano’s hangar, as well using it for the GIS research lead by Margo Faulk. Unfortunately, when we plugged it in, it immediately blew out — smoke, sparks, and audible explosions included. Thankfully, Mano a Mano connected us with their technician, and the computer will soon be up and running with a new power source.




Our computer being assessed