Meeting the Bomberos

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Universidad Simon Bolivar Los Bomberos

Another 14 hour work day has come and gone, but it is incredible how much we have seen and done so far. Our day starts with a run at 5:30am, and then it’s off to the Hospital Ortopedico Infantil for the morning. There we are working with Dr. Antonio Cartolano, observing spinal surgeries, and making casts for the children. At midday we leave with Aldo, commander of the student firefighters at Simon Bolivar University, to see the university and meet his firefighters. Aldo and the Bomberos have an amazing student organization, and it was hopefully the first of many interactions between us.

At night we go to Venemergencia’s old office building for the second day of our pre-EMT course for the ambulance workers of the city. The class was is taught by Dr. Luis Vallesquez, and covered the basics of the emergency chain of survival and patient assessment. With a lively class of nearly twenty students, it looks to be a great start to our mission here in Venezuela.