Launch of Third Course in Bolivia

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Tu Lado started its third course in Cochabamba, Bolivia, this week. Located in the medical school of Universidad Mayor de San Simón, it is a direct partnership with several university departments and the association of nursing students.

As in previous courses, we selected a diverse student group, including:

  • several medical and nursing students;
  • a handful of doctors and nurses;
  • police officers, firefighters and first responders;
  • the first aid instructor for flight crews of Boliviana Aviación (BOA, one of Bolivia’s largest airlines); and
  • a local NGO worker interested in training rural communities in basic first response, among others.

Being on the medical school campus, the course is creating a noticeable buzz – exactly our intention. The Director of Residencies and Rotations approached us this morning to discuss designing a pre-hospital course for new residents before their rural placements.

We hope to prompt other, similar spin-offs within the university, ensuring this hands-on curriculum can be taught to students and professionals in Bolivian Universities indefinitely.