Launch of Intro to EMT Course

Friday, March 8, 2013

Having completed two days of A Tu Lado’s “Introduction to EMT” course, we can say it’s a different experience doing it for the second time. For one reason, we have the help of many graduates. Former students are attending each class, not only for the education, but also as assistants and advocates. This Saturday, several will help teach vital signs and lead practical scenarios. Their participation and support is a constant reminder of why we’re here.

In other ways, the course is quite similar to the previous Intro to EMT. Here’s the run-down:

When: March 5-30, Tues/Thurs 5:00-8:30 pm; Sat 12:00-6:00 pm
Where: Tues/Thurs at University San Simón Nursing School; Saturday at SAR Bolivia’s Hangar
Who teaches: ATL leads some lessons, but most instructors are local physicians, nurses, paramedics and other guest lecturers. Yesterday, Dr. Tito Grageda, Academic Director of ATLS in Bolivia, dropped in to teach airway management. (He also assisted with our course last June.)
Who learns: 21 students, including volunteers in SAR, nursing students, medical students, a flight attendant, and a firefighter.

Like last June, the students bring a wide range of skills. Some demonstrate comfort and experience during scenarios, while others lack similar skills. One constant is a disagreement on standards of care. Whether on the steps in completing a scenario, or in simple numeric protocols, like the frequency to give an apneic patient respirations, there are many opinions. As always, the role of A Tu Lado and this course is to create an opportunity to synthesize protocols and develop standards, which will later form the basis of full-length EMS programs.

Directly after tomorrow’s day of scenarios, Terence and Emily will travel to La Paz, where Terence is competing in the La Paz Marathon. He hopes that by participating in the event, one of the highest in the world, he will inspire others and raise support for A Tu Lado’s work.

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