Jornada de Salud

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The morning of the “jornada de salud” dawned grey and rainy. Nonetheless, a host of medical and dental students from Vision Salud, Venemergencia and Pfizer gathered to provide basic medical services to the residents of Los Erasos. A hundred people from the barrio received hypertension and diabetes testing, as well as dental services. Ethan and the brigadistas measured blood pressures and distributed a survey to get feedback on healthcare access and the brigade.

Meanwhile, Terence and Margo, accompanied by several brigadistas, went through the barrio to meet with community members. Very few non-residents enter Los Erasos. We were surprised by the warm welcome we received. Families were glad to talk to us, inviting us in for coffee and candidly discussing community health issues.

By engaging people in these conversations, we are coming to a deeper understanding of the broader context in which the brigade will act. What we learn will make the brigade more responsive to its community.