Itinerary in Venezuela and Bolivia

Monday, January 30, 2012

Here is the planned itinerary for the next 4 weeks:January 30-Feb 5: Caracas, Venezuela

A Tu Lado will be beginning the research project in Los Erasos, visiting centers of Venezuelan telemedicine, and conducting a needs assessment for the Brigada’s continuing education.

February 5 – February 17th: Cochabamba, Bolivia

A Tu Lado will be working with Mano a Mano, particularly Mano a Mano Apoyo Aereo, to plan a customized EMT training program for Mano a Mano’s flight crews. Mano a Mano conducts emergency evacuations from the eastern lowlands, where medical clinics are scarce or nonexistent, but Mano a Mano’s crews are not trained in any pre-hospital care. A Tu Lado is conducting a needs assessment this February and meeting with the various partners and links in the chain of survival in order to develop a customized training program to be launched in June 2012.

While we are thrilled to help Apoyo Aereo fulfill this emergent need, we are even more excited about the prospect of telemedicine in this context.  In coming years, we hope the medics we help train can serve as community health workers and provide public health access and impromptu clinical services in the regions they visit. More on this later.

February 17th – February 24th
Director Ethan Forsgren returns to Venezuela to continue research project. Terence Steinberg will return to the US and Margo Faulk will journey on to Chile for her semester abroad.

We’ll give more details soon. For now, that’s the plan. Takeoff to Venezuela in  7 hours.