Instructor Roster Announced

Friday, June 8, 2012

In anticipation of the first day of classes, we are excited to reveal the list of guest instructors who are dedicating their time and resources to this undertaking. Here are a few of those who are sharing their knowledge and expertise, and who will lay the groundwork for this course to transfer to the University of San Simón:

Dr. Ciro Larrazabal
Psychiatrist, Dean of the Medical Faculty, Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS)
Dr. Manuel Monroy
Pediatrician and Intensivist, Academic Director of Medical Faculty, UMSS
Dr. Ciro Zabala
Gastroenterologist, Faculty Professor of Medicine, UMSS; Medical Director of the Gastroenterological Hospital; Member of SAR Bolivia
Dr. Tito Grageda
General Surgeon, ATLS Instructor; Academic Director, ATLS Bolivia
Dr. Antonio Pardo
Obstetrician, Gynocologist; President, Ginecological Society of Cochabamba
Dr. Victor Hugo Ortuño C.
Medical Coordinator of Mano Apoyo Aéreo; Professor of Nursing, UMSS
Sr. Mario Aranibar Zapata
National Coordinator, SAR BOLIVIA; Chief of SEI SABSA
Wilson Rocha Morato
Sub-lieutenant, Policía de Cochabamba
Luis Daniel Parada
President, Scientific Society of Medical Students; National President of Medical Students