Innovation in Medellín

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the past 20 years Medellín, Colombia, transformed from a hotbed of crime into a global leader in sustainable design and innovation. Universidad CES, one of Medellín’s top universities, seems to exemplify this practice. Last week, A Tu Lado met with faculty and administrators of the CES medical school to learn about their role in developing Colombia’s EMS education system.

Regarding CES as a ‘case study’ provides many insights for our own development models. CES founded one of the nation’s first university-based EMS programs, and as a leader in the field today, it lends its expertise to other universities eager to start similar programs.

What makes CES’ program unique? Is it because of their extensive 3-year curriculum, or because the program is based in a medical school known for its emergency medicine specialization? Or that CES built a customized, one-of-a-kind ambulance simulator, and emphasizes experiential education and scenarios? These are important factors, but in the eyes of A Tu Lado, what’s most impressive is that they launched the program from scratch just 10 years ago, and today their students receive world-class prehospital education.

As with its partners throughout Colombia, Universidad CES is offering to help A Tu Lado develop its university-based prehospital programs. Below is a video on CES’ prehospital program; we hope that before long, A Tu Lado’s partners can sport similar footage.