Día 1: Introducción a Técnico en Emergencias Médicas

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today was a big day for A Tu Lado and Mano a Mano. Since our first conversations last August, we’ve forged alliances with several institutional partners and organized an EMT course set to achieve several goals: catalyze the standardization of EMS education and its movement into higher education, and prepare a squad of paramedics to support Mano a Mano’s air service.

Today was the first day of that course. 24 students attended, and the course began with both written and practical exams. We introduced patient assessment protocols and ran two practice scenarios. The students enjoyed our Prezi-based lessons and were eager to discuss the concepts of “scope of practice” and “operations” — concepts often not included in local EMS training.

Tomorrow we shift toward technical education with a day of basic life support and CPR. Dr. Tito Gragia, Academic Director of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) in Bolivia, is leading the lectures, and A Tu Lado is teaching CPR and instructing the practice scenarios.

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Course Manuals

A Tu Lado Scenario
One of Our Scenarios

Emily Berger
Emily Berger Evaluating

Will Chilton
Will Chilton

A Tu Lado Students
Our Students at the End of the Day

A Tu Lado

End of day briefing with Victor