Advancing the Course Within UMSS

Friday, June 14, 2013

On Friday morning, Emily Berger, Ethan Forsgren, Terence Steinberg, and Dr. Victor Hugo, (ATL’s UMSS liaison) met with the UMSS Director of Medical Education and Planning for the first of a series of meetings to plan the university’s adoption of an emergency medical program.

We agreed on the key points: 1) emergency training is significantly lacking in UMSS programs, and a standardized prehospital training program will benefit not only the university, but Bolivia at large; 2) having trained several dozen professionals and students in Bolivia in prehospital care, A Tu Lado’s curriculum is a proven model for the university to guide the program’s development; 3) the program must be taught and run locally, independent of A Tu Lado, to be a sustainable and successful initiative.

While things can take a while to happen here in Bolivia, it’s encouraging to see this issue become a priority among UMSS administration.

Meanwhile, the APH (Atención Prehospitalaria), continues to proceed at pace. Students are internalizing the standardized steps in patient evaluations. And last night, we packed the auditorium for a series of theoretical lectures, one of which was led by Dr. Pardo, president of the Cochabambino Gynecological Society, who gave a 90-minute presentation on how to attend a birth in the field.




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