A Tu Lado Begins GIS Mapping in Bolivia

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bolivia  Base Map of Health Centers
(Click for larger version)

Margo Faulk, Geography major at Macalester College (2012) and nationally-registered EMT-B, has joined A Tu Lado to assist with upcoming research projects.

Margo is using GIS mapping to create a comprehensive map of Bolivia, its health service infrastructure, and epidemiological trends. The map she is building will not only indicate where clinics, hospitals and general health services are located, it will also show where different sicknesses, injuries, and emergency evacuations occur. By overlaying this information, we can assist Mano a Mano and other Bolivian healthcare providers in streamlining and coordinating their resources to best meet the nation’s health needs.

Margo is also assisting with the ethnographic interviewing and epidemiological research we will launch in Los Erasos, Caracas, Venezuela, in February, 2012.